I-Ching pulse diagnosis is a profound yet easy to learn clinical tool that uses the trigrams and hexagrams as the basis for effective diagnosis and treatment.

By simply taking the pulse, practitioners can quickly determine a patient’s imbalances, their root cause, and the optimal I-Ching balancing treatment.

I-Ching pulse diagnosis is an integral component of medical I-Ching, the roots of which form the basis for many highly effective acupuncture styles & systems including the methods of Dr. Chao Chen, Master Tung, & Dr. Richard Tan.

This same logical medical I-Ching framework makes I-Ching pulse diagnosis an extremely useful tool for diagnosing & treating highly complex conditions, allowing practitioners to unravel the true nature of, and solution to, their patients’ imbalances.

In this two day course, you will learn:

  • How to feel and recognize the trigrams and hexagrams in a patient’s pulse
  • How to accurately interpret a patient’s pulse from a medical Yi Jing perspective
  • How to extract the optimal I-Ching balance strategy directly from a patient’s pulse

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Live Webinar

Introduction to I-Ching Pulse Diagnosis

August 20-21, 2022
10am-6pm EST

$445 CAD (includes class recording)

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