Our Registered Acupuncturists

Christian Saint-Pierre, R.Ac

Christian Saint-Pierre, R.Ac

Christian has spent his entire adult life analyzing & integrating both the classical & cutting-edge concepts of acupuncture.

As a teen, he began learning how to treat sports injuries with Chinese Massage & herbal ointments as part of his Kung Fu training.

In 2002, he moved to Nelson BC in order to study acupuncture at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences.

After receiving his certification in 2005, he practiced & continued studying so as to better help his patients & his community, developing a great interest in pre-Maoist acupuncture, chrono-acupuncture & Daoist medicine.

In early 2010, he met the late great Dr. Richard Tan & discovered the Balance Method; an authentic, stunningly effective Taiwanese system of acupuncture & Chinese medicine, rooted in Daoist philosophy & practice.

It was exactly what Christian had been looking for; the logical, comprehensive system resonated deeply with Christian, who began practicing the Balance Method exclusively.

Christian spent nearly 5 years studying with Dr. Tan, learning his entire curriculum & acquiring the Balance Method’s skills of acupuncture, FengShui, BaZi & QiGong.

In 2012, he moved to Cornwall & opened an acupuncture clinic with his wife, Julie.

Before Dr Tan’s death in late 2014, at the last class he ever taught in Paris, he named Christian, who was in attendance, as “one of the best Balance Method Practitioners”.

In 2019, After seven years of successful practice in Cornwall, Christian & his family moved to Nova Scotia & opened the Access Acupuncture clinic in Dartmouth, where he now practices.

Christian is a registered acupuncturist with the Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Nova Scotia (ATCMANS) & the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO-inactive).

Christian holds the highest level of certification in The Balance Method, & is also a certified BaZi consultant & YiJing practitioner. He taught for the Academy of Acupuncture in San Diego for 5 years, & now teaches the Balance Method independently.

Julie Saint-Pierre, R.Ac

Julie Saint-Pierre, R.Ac

Julie turned towards acupuncture in 2005 after a series of anaphylactic shocks revealed numerous food allergies. Twelve treatments later, to the delight & to the amazement of her allergist, Julie was once again able to eat 15 out of 16 foods previously forbidden to her.

Filled with a burning desire to help others who might find themselves in situations as discouraging & seemingly hopeless as hers, Julie threw herself into the study of acupuncture at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ottawa, Ontario where she graduated in 2012. After seven years of successful practice, Julie & her family moved to Nova Scotia & opened a clinic in Dartmouth, where she now practices acupuncture, prescribes herbal formulas, specializes in pain, women’s health, children & facial rejuvenation.

After co-founding ACCESS ACUPUNCTURE, in 2017, she created Access Acupuncture KIDS – a program designed to provide high quality, natural pediatric care.

Julie is also partnered with SheSpot, a women’s pelvic health clinic, where she uses her expert skills to provide superior patient outcomes for pelvic, gynecological & hormonal imbalances.

As the Director of Recruitment & External Relations for the CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE FRANCOPHONE DE HALIFAX, she works hard to connect & unite Francophone entrepreneurs in the HRM.

As a member of the CENTRE FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS, Julie collaborates with other woman entrepreneurs, who are all helping each other achieve their dreams & acting as community role model.

Julie is also involved in Foyer-Parents, a parent comity that organize activities in the francophone school where her two daughters study at the CSAP.

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