Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Diagnostic Methods

Chinese medicine & acupuncture use a combination of diagnostic methods to determine patterns of disease. Our registered acupuncturists will work directly with you to assess your health by using a variety of techniques:

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Asking Questions

Prior to your appointment, a secure medical questionnaire will be sent to you via email. During the appointment itself, your acupuncturist will ask questions about your health & lifestyle in order to clearly understand your symptoms & discover the true nature of your condition.

Visual Inspection

Your acupuncturist will visually inspect important aspects of your condition, such as your main complaint, posture, body type, complexion, & tongue, all of which can help point towards a useful diagnosis.

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Your stories & the way you tell them are important. Our acupuncturists pay attention to the pitch, volume, pace & tone of your voice, as well as the thought patterns you express when you speak, in order to gain insight into your condition & inform your diagnosis.


Palpation involves the physical examination of your main complaint, health & vital signs. Your acupuncturist will take your pulse, perform physical tests involving your main complaint, & gently check for tender acupuncture points in order to diagnose your condition.

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