New Video Series Looks at Acupuncture in Film

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of acupuncture’s portrayal in English language films. Since 1970, acupuncture has appeared in over 125 movies ranging from Kung Fu movies to Spaghetti Westerns, from Action Comedies to Science Fiction.

“Poked in the Movies” is a new YouTube series being produced by Christian Saint-Pierre at Access Acupuncture in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Every week, Christian reviews, reacts to and grades at least one movie depicting the performance of acupuncture on screen. The end result is a fun yet highly informative journey that teaches us about the practice and benefits of acupuncture.

Poked In The Movies: An Acupuncturist Reacts to “Supermen of the Orient” (1973)

“Supermen of the Orient” is an 1973 Italian Action Comedy (yes, really!) that features acupuncture being performed on screen.

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