Acupuncture’s film debut: “The Yin & Yang of Mr Go”

Acupuncture’s first appearance in an English language movie happened in 1960 – much earlier than you might have thought.

“The Yin & Yang of Mr Go”, directed by Burgess Meredith & starring James Mason, was originally filmed in 1970 but wasn’t released until 1978 due to production & budget issues.

Set in Hong Kong, the movie tells the story of a villain, played by James Mason, who has the power to hold the world’s Nuclear arsenals for ransom.

Preoccupied with his health, he pays frequent visits to an acupuncturist named “Dolphin”, for both acupuncture & herbal treatment.

The Yin & Yang of Mr Go allowed many audiences to get their first glimpse of the mysterious art of acupuncture.

But how realistic is the depiction of acupuncture? What can we learn from the scene?

To watch the full movie, which is currently available on Youtube, click the link below.

The Yin & Yang of Mr Go

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