Decision Trees

Decision Trees are a method of organizing situational processes & procedures in a visual way. They allow complex, multi-variable scenarios such as the appropriate selection of medical treatments to be determined in a sequential, step by step format.

The Balance Method’s three step approach to Treatment is, in effect, a Decision Tree.

  1. Diagnose the sick meridian(s)
  2. Select the balancing meridian(s)
  3. Select the point(s) on the balancing meridian(s)

Each step is dependent on the data & decisions made in the previous step.

Although the three step Decision Tree of the Balance Method is well known, Less widely known is the rich diversity of diagnostic & therapeutic techniques that the Balance Method encompasses which allow these three steps to be used for profound healing.

The Decision tree below outlines the GENERAL decision process that I use to select a treatment strategy.

It is NOT a complete or perfect chart: it is a work in progress. There are certain edge cases that do not fit precisely into it, & there are certain procedures that I might mix together, depending on the patient.

That said, ALL of the strategies listed in the chart are founded on & part of the Balance Method, including Yi Jing pulse diagnosis, the extended system of balancing meridians, & a wide range of point selection strategies – even ghost points!

It is my hope that you will at least find it interesting & inspire you to make your own decision tree. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to learn more about the Balance Method as well!

The image is quite large, so you may wish to zoom in. If you are having trouble with the image, you can download a pdf version of the chart here.

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