Paracetamol for pain? Think again (and choose acupuncture instead!)

A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia last year revealed that Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen, which is the main ingredient in Tylenol) does not work for many types of acute pain and is ineffective for most types of chronic pain.

“What is clear is that Paracetamol does not effectively relieve back pain or most types of osteoarthritis, urging research into strategies that will help people experiencing musculoskeletal pain.” – Dr Giovanni Ferreira

Paracetamol is ineffective for pain AND has serious side effects including:

☠️ increased mortality
☠️ fatal or non-fatal myocardial infarction
☠️ stroke
☠️ fatal coronary heart disease
☠️ ulcers
☠️ upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage
☠️ renal impairment
☠️ liver impairment

In contrast, acupuncture & Chinese medicine are SAFE, natural, effective, LASTING treatments for both acute & chronic pain… with an 85% success rate in our clinic!

So instead of opening that bottle, book an appointment for some REAL pain relief, and leave your pain behind for good.

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